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Sam Davis for NC House


Pay and Respect Our Teachers/Fund Our Schools

North Carolina has slipped to 44th in teacher pay and we're in a disappointing race to the bottom in per-pupil spending. In fact, some of our very best teachers are driving up to Virginia where they are paid better and respected more. Sam understands that our education system is the engine of economic development for North Carolina. Sam will fight to restore the Teaching Fellows Program, raise teacher pay to the national average, and end the war on public education that has embarrassed us as a state and left our kids out in the cold.

We must fix the education system in North Carolina because our kids deserve acccess to a world-class education that prepares them for the jobs of the future. We've done it before, and we'll do it again! To fix education, we need to get rid of anti-education Raleigh politicans like Bob Steinburg. Sam is ready to fight for our schools.


Train and Recruit for Better Jobs

From his very first job in his dad's hardware store, Sam has always understood the value of good jobs, and he'll be our champion in Raleigh. Politicians in Raleigh like Bob Steinburg have failed us on economic development, and they have taken their eye off the ball when it comes to bringing good jobs to eastern North Carolina. Sam believes you shouldn't have to move to Raleigh or Charlotte to find a good paying job. That's why Sam supports linking our community colleges and local businesses so that companies have access to a highly trained workforce and students can get the skills they need to compete for the best jobs right here at home.

The so-called "Carolina Comeback" is a hoax, and it hasn't made it anywhere near eastern North Carolina. We need new economic leadership in Raleigh, and Sam Davis is up to the job.

Our Fair Share

Raleigh Has Forgotten About Us

Sam Davis is one of us. That's why he'll fight to make sure eastern North Carolina gets its fair share and that our tax dollars aren't being funneled to Charlotte and Raleigh. We have had enough of Raleigh politicians like Bob Steinburg who go to  Raleigh and give away the farm. Sam will fight to bring our fair share back from Raleigh, and he won't allow our tax dollars to be wasted cleaning up after environmental disasters like the Duke Energy coal ash debacle. Sam believes that If you mess it up, you clean it up!

Sam will fight to maintain the jobs we have and create new jobs for our region. He knows that in order to do this, we must have adequate roads, highways and bridges to travel to work and school and conduct commerce. Sam knows you expect more from Raleigh than what you're getting, and he believes your representative should expect more, too.